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T & I Shaybah (Aramco)

T & I ProjectCompany completed successfully Shutdown T & I project for Saudi Aramco in Shaybah.

Following is the scope of work for the project.

Scope of Work:

T&l scope shall include, but not limited to below scope of work:-

  1. Isolate, purge the system by nitrogen prior opening the manways. Followed by internal clean the vessel for safe internal inspection. Internal cleaning shall be done thorough steaming, Water hydrojetting, vacuum tanker/ super sucker, and degreasing as required.
  2. Scaffold erection and dismantling on all un-reachable locations to access all areas of the vessels as required.
  3. Dismantle and re-install all internal parts and top platform to inspect all required locations, to perform UT thickness scanning and survey on all OSI points including full scanning of all nozzles, and all other locations that deemed necessary by inspection, (by SA inspector)
  4. Carry out Wet Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing (WFMPT) for 30% of vessels internal welds as per SAEP-325, locations for WFMPT will be tackled as per Saudi Aramco inspection recommendation. In addition, verify the existing coating condition of whole vessel internals by visual and holiday testing, (by SA inspector).
  5. Grit blast the existing coating to perform WFMPT inspection of internal welds joints as per Saudi Aramco inspection recommendation.
  6. Re-coat the WFMT inspected areas as per Saudi Aramco STANDARDS and illustrated on section. Coating thickness checks and holiday testing shall be performed by the coating inspector and maintenance to ensure the coating curing time.
  7. All instrument connections including the level bridle spools shall be disconnected from its nozzles, for visual inspection, (by SA Maintenance)
  8. Check the consumption of internal sacrificial CP anodes and replace the same as required by inspection. Also verify the Anode Monitoring System (AMS) of the vessel as required, (by SA Maintenance)
  9. Carry out external Inspection of the vessel including the connected piping up to the first isolation valve by inspection, (by SA inspector).
  10. Box-up and line-up the system, once it has been approved by inspection.

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