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February 28, 2019

Building Demolishing Rastunura (Target)

GCTC have completed project of maintenance building inside of plant in Rastanurah within Saudi Aramco facilities working as Sub-contract.

Following is the work company have completed.

Scope of work: The Vendor shall as part of its obligations under the below points

1.1 Contractor shall protect existing facilities and underground utilities during construction. All electrical utilities affected by the construction shall be first de­energized and non-electrical utilities shall be isolated from the nearest isolation valve before commencing the work. Contractor shall coordinate with the necessary authorities to accomplish de-energization and isolation.

1.2 Contractor shall demolish existing concrete structures, asphalt pavement, guardrails, fences, bollards, and other above ground structures at the limits shown on the contract drawings or specified in the Contract documents. Clear the work site of all other unsuitable above and below grade materials, and debris, and dispose of them at the dumping site designated by the Saudi Aramco Representative.

1.3 Contractor shall remove and dispose of any material that is native to the work site, which is unsuitable for incorporation into the Work including topsoil, trees, bushes, waste dumps, abandoned materials, etc.

1.4 Contractor shall remove and salvage existing signs and material shown on the contract drawings or specified in the Contract documents These and all other salvageable material shall be moved to a location designated by Saudi Aramco Representative.

1.5 Contractor shall take adequate measures to avoid excessive noise, dust pollution and injury through falling or flying debris. Contractor shall refer to demolition precautions listed in Saudi Aramco Construction Safety Manual Part II Section 3

1.6  Contractor shall apply water to all areas as required to prevent blowing of dust. The amount of water to be used and the frequency of application shall be sufficient to prevent dust nuisance. The Saudi Aramco Representative has the right to require additional watering whenever it is deemed necessary for dust control.

1.7  Contractor shall demolish the existing 13 buildings and shops and shall include disconnection of the existing portable and raw water, sanitary wastewater and firewater utilities. The demolition also shall include disconnection of the existing electrical circuit, and telephone and data services.

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