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Safaniyah Project-min

GCTC has successfully completed project (REPLACE PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM FOR CATHODIC PROTECTION SK-65 AT SAFANIYA) with Saudi Aramco. The company did following works.

General Description of Work:

This project is intended to build new photovoltaic (PV) solar and battery storage system to supply power to existing SK-11 cathodic protection system for the pipeline corridor near Tanajib. The general sizing specifications are defined in the table below. CONTRACTOR may have the freedom to choose from two battery storage options as long as design temperature requirements are met.

CONTRACTOR shall be responsible to compensate auxiliary loads such as cooling system, shelter LED lights etc. with additional PV and battery storage capacity

 CONTRACTOR shall ensure all materials related to the PV power supply system are designed and supplied in accordance with 17-SAMSS-12, including but not limited to

 Photovoltaic(PV) modules

 Batteries and Battery Racks

 Overcurrent Protection Devices

 Disconnect Switches

 Solar Charge Controller

 CP controller

 Wiring and cabling

 Junction Boxes

 Surge Arrester

 Monitoring System

 Passive or Active Cooled Battery Shelter

 Battery Shelter Foundation

 PV Modules Mounting systems

 Area Fencing

 Project Scope of Work:

  • Demolish and replace the existing deteriorated PV solar system with a new resized PV system.
  • The new PV system will be able to feed CP SK-65 at Safaniyah.
  • The system destined to operate 24/7 hours and designed as following:

Overall Project Activity Summary: 

Site Access Road Stabilization

Safety Orientation

Site Preparation Pre-Cast Concrete Works

Shelter Preparation

Training of Aramco Staff

System Commissioning

Pre Cast Installation

Shelter and PV Max Installation

Conduits, Trenching and cable pulling

Final Commissioning


Access Road preparation:

  • The access road could not be utilized to transport the Heavy Equipment that need to be used at site and the EXERON Shelter due sand accumulation
  • Different Options where Explored with the help of ARAMCO NAPD
  • Detailed Survey where done for the stabilization of the road chosen


Safety Orientation:

All Staff, Engineers and Labors who are suppose to work onsite must go through Safety Orientation training by Aramco. Three workshops were organized.

Activities Includes:

Allocating and fixing resources for the project and coordinating their transport from other area’s on the training day


Site Preparation:

Site preparation activities where needed prior to the installation of the Pre-cast concrete and that is due to sand accumulation

Activities Include:

Site Soil Replacement, stabilization, surveying, foundation marking and levelling.

Pre-Cast Concrete Works:

Parallel to site preparation activities; Concrete Pre Cast work (5 blocks for the PV Max support, 4 footings and a slab for the batteries and EXERON Shelter) started at GCTC workshop in Aoyon (Al Hassa)

Activities Include:

Material Delivery (Plywood and steel), Formwork, Steel Bending and Fixing, Concrete Pouring, Curing, Painting, Transportation and Installation


Shelter Preparation Installation of Protection Shields and Equipment

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