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Hydrotesting NGL 2   Hydrotesting NGL 3GCTC is successfully achieving its targets on this important and critical project. Company has completed its 90 % of work on this project. Company’s professionals are working successfully on critical tasks for this project i.e. Hydortesting etc.


Civil works in Valve stations and Scrapper Trap areas:

CONTRACTOR shall perform the following civil works activity at below mentioned 19 valve stations and scraper stations along the Shaybah NGL Pipeline from KM 0 to KM 633. The work shall be carried out in strict accordance with project drawings,

  • Contractor to demolish and remove existing type-1 fence inside the valve station (located between Shbab-1 and NGL Pipeline within the valve station). The activity has to be carried out for all 19 valve station locations.
  • Install concrete channel (grade beam) with embedded reinforcing bar hook around the perimeters of the newly constructed type-l fence for all 19 Valve station in accordance with design drawing no, AC-036680-001, Once casted the fence line to be anchored to the grade beam,
  • Contractor to procure and Install remaining gate accessories (i.e. plunger catcher, plunger & gate locks etc.). Incomplete and damaged fence works for type I and IV at to be completed and rectified, respectively, Contractor to carry out a full site survey to estimate the quantities for this particular activity,
  • Contractor to procure and install 80m length of type IV fence to fully secure burnpit fence perimeter at Km 614.
  • Fabricate, coat black-yellow strips and install crash barriers and guard rails around the valve station perimeter fence, bypass spool and solar panels at the following locations: KM 508, 489, 447, 340, 301, 267, 236, 157, 71,42 and 9,
  • Contractor to complete the berm construction for exposed flare-tip flange connection and reinforce it with marl at burn-pit locations. The activity to be carried out at 12 locations, The locations include Km 431, 399, 379, 357, 340, 301, 267, 236, 211, 157, 117, & 71,
  • Contractor to cast, cure and coat the concrete foundation slab for scarper trap receiver and launcher at Km 211 as per relevant drawings
  • Complete the excavation and construction of swale for all 19-valve station as per IFC drawings.

Mechanical and Electrical works at Valve stations and Scrapper Trap areas:

CONTRACTOR shall perform the following mechanical and electrical works at each valve and scraper station locations (or stated otherwise) in Shaybah NGL from KM 0 to KM 633 in accordance with IFC drawings:

  • Contractor to carryout hydro-testing for all 16″ and 4″ blowdown lines In 19 valve stations and 3 scraper trap areas. This will essentially include the following-
  • The preparation of the method statement in accordance with the site conditions and have it approved by SAPMT
  • Contractor will be responsible for any modification or temporary isolation of the blowdown lines (if required)
  • Contractor will be responsible for any repair that may be required to complete the test and handover the facility ready for operation.
  • Complete the full installation of existing ring girders along with insulation sheeting at all valve stations in Segment 2 & 3.
  • Complete the installation of cable markers at the following locations:
  • Segment 2 – 15 KM ( From KM 226 to KM 211)
  • Segment 3 – 141 KM (From KM 157 to KM 16)

The estimated number of markers required are approximately 570. Any additional material to be procured and delivered to site by the contractor. Contractor is responsible to make sure that the markers meet the requirements of Saudi Aramco specification,

  • Fabricate and install steel covers for IDS and SRI encasement as per site condition at Km 431 and 211,
  • Complete grounding for all scraper trap trolleys at Km 633, 431 and 211,

Other Miscellaneous works:

  • Cleaning of Right of Way (ROW) to access valve stations, the quantity for this specific item to be verified and agreed upon before work commences.
  • Removal of accumulated sand at Km 614 burn pit location to complete the fence work. The quantity to be verified by PMT before commencing work.





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