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  • KCC (Chromium Carbide)

    KCC (Chromium Carbide):

    A process that Chromium Carbide (C-Cr) is chemically formed in the high temperature vacuum device and then in infiltrated into the matrix. Excellence in abrasion resistance with high hardness (> HV 1700), chemical resistance and lubrication with friction coefficient less than 0.5


    KCC process in an in-situ CVD process with resource metal reaction in chamber

    KCC make Nano carbide dispersion in the coating layer during the process.

    KCC was coated 3-dimentional layer including hole and surface of the products.


    Mechanical Properties:

    Depth of hardened layer: 50㎛

    Surface hardness: 1500Hv min.

    Friction Coefficient around 0.2 compared to about 0.7~0.8 (Raw Material


    Chemical Properties:

    Salt spray test 300 hours without pitting

    Acid resistance test 100 hours without corrosion

    Alkali resistance test 100 hours without corrosion


    Applicable Products:

    Valves, Pumps, Elbows, Pump Impeller, Ball Valves, Crusher hammer, Sleeve, Bolts & Nuts etc.

    Table for Hardness Change:

    KCC Treatment SUS304 SUS316 SUS630 SCM440 SUJ2 S45C SKD11
    Before Treatment

    (HV 0.10)

    250 400
    After Treatment

    (HV 0.10)

    1,250 1000 800 1,700 1,700 1,700 1,100
    Salt Spray test

    of raw material


    after 3 hours

    No Corrosion Corrosion after 3 hours
    Salt Spray test

    after KCC Treatment

    No Corrosion A tiny corrosion after 60 hours

    Corrosion does not progress anymore

  • KZC (Zinc Ceramic)

    KZC (Korean Zinc Ceramic):

    Cr ion-free eco-friendly coating with fine Zinc particles

    Use of dense-rich flakes over competitors

    Enhanced surface quality and corrosion resistant


    Eco-friendly/heavy metal free/toxic metals-free

    Excellent chemical resistant/heat resistant (600℃)

    Corrosion prevention due to dual metal bonding

    Over 1500 hrs. corrosion resistant with ultra-thin (6~7㎛) film under salt water test

    Sacrificial protection with rich Zinc flakes

    Excellent weld ability



    Valve Refurbishing

    Waste Bolt Refurbishing

    Surface coating for Heavy Engine Parts

    Abrasion resistant coating for cutting disk

    Performance improvement for electronic parts

    Spec. modification for Deck-unit bolts.

    Coating for Oil, Gas, water pipelines.


    30% higher hardness and long life time achieved over Powder painting, thus rendering improved cutting disk performance and abrasion resistant by ultra-thin coating capability of ceramic coating.

    Replacing hot dip galvanized or SUS bolts for deck-unit application with ceramic coating.

    Cost saving by shortening assembly time, not using poor thickness uniformity of galvanized bolts and by replacing expensive SUS bolts.

    Classification KZC Hot Dip Zinc
    Pre-processing Acidizing Blasting Grease removing Acid dip
    Coating Dip Spin, Drag Spray ZN AL Liquid soak
    Ferrous & Nonferrous Binding Hardening/Chemical Binding Metallic Binding
    Film(μm) 10~20μm 50~300μm
    Corrosion Control (HR/SST) Over 1,500 Hours SST 360 Hours
    Excess Moisture Tolerance  (ASTM D2247) Over 1,000 Hours
    Metal Powder Content 70~80% 50%
    Weldability (Co2, Tig) 10 5
    Heat Resistance 450 °C
    Environment Regulatory Substances No (Cr6+, VOC) Hydrogen Embrittlement
    Binding Satisfactory Moderate (over tab)
    Adhesive Force Excellent (6,000 PSI)