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Gctc 1GCTC (Gulf Corners for Trading & General Contacting Company) has got the project for working on Gas Well.  Following is given scope of work.


CONTRACTOR shall perform the construction in accordance with SAUDI ARAMCO standards and procedures and Model Construction Scope of Work for Gas Wells as per company design includes, but not limited to, the following:


  1. Clean and prepare well site for construction.
  2. Survey well site pad and identify the fence line(s) and corners. Supply, compact and grade select marl fill if required, to ensure the pad dimensions are correct with adequate space for the patrol road outside the fence.
  3. Grade and compact the entire well site pad.
  4. Excavate around and remove the existing steel cellar. (This shall be done by gas cutting into pieces that can be easily transported, and CONTRACTOR shall haul steel cellar sections to SAUDI ARAMCO Reclamation Yard). Construct the concrete cellar for the wellhead, including form work, steel bending, installation, pouring and finishing concrete, coating of concrete, grouting, and installation of anchor bolts.
  5. Excavate, construct and install concrete structures for all foundations, concrete bases and miscellaneous supports within and including the Well site fenced areas. This rate shall include form work, anchor bolts, steel bending, concrete supply and installation, coating, backfill and compaction.
  6. Excavate and construct windsock pole, including form work, anchor bolts, steel bending, concrete supply and installation, coating, backfill and compaction.
  7. Excavate and construct the burn pit. The sides and base shall be finished with watered and compacted marl. This shall include the excavation or installation of sand or marl.
  8. Where specified on the construction drawings excavate and compact drainage channels outside the fence, to ensure drainage water from the well site will escape to natural drainage.


  1. Fabricate, install and paint seating angles for cellar grating, sleeves for air blower pipe and electrical conduits prior to casting well site cellar concrete.
  2. Fabricate, erect and paint, chemical injection, methanol and equipment shelters.
  3. Fabricate, paint, and erect guardrail, guard posts and sand barriers.
  4. Fabricate, paint and erect fixed and detachable pipe supports, pipe guides, spring hanger supports, pipe anchors, valve supports and miscellaneous supports.
  5. Supply and install SAUDI ARAMCO “Type-IN” Security fencing, posts with single walkway gates, double drive gates, rig access gates, man gates and emergency gate with modified emergency lock mechanism.
  6. Fabricate and erect warning signs and supports specified in Scope of WORK, including engrave and install safety signs as specified in Scope of WORK.
  7. Fabricate, install, paint and erect wellhead access platforms complete with stairs, ladders, hoop and safety guards, platform grating, securing clips, associated ladders, steps and guard rails.
  8. Fabricate, paint and erect instrument stands, and miscellaneous platforms.
  9. All structures, pipe supports, hand rails, guard rails, stairways, ladders and miscellaneous steel work shall be sand blasted and painted.


  1. Install corrosion inhibitor injection skid complete with storage tank. WORK shall include supply and fabrication of the shelter, assembly, alignment, coupling up all related equipment, installing tubing, gauges electrical & instrumentation wiring etc., in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. CONTRACTOR shall fabricate and install plastic level gauge with white letters on black background for the sight level glass. Graduations shall be marked as directed by the Company Representative. CONTRACTOR shall test and pre-commission the system.
  2. Install the emergency eye wash unit.


  1. Fabricate, pre-heat as necessary, and weld the production header from the wing valve to the well site fence, install flanges, hubs, branches, injection points, drains, sleeves, scraper signals, flow meter, valves and personnel protection insulation.
  2. Fabricate, pre-heat as necessary and weld well casing kill line, 4” well tubing kill lines, 4” and 2” well blow down lines, and well casing vent blow down line, portable sampling manifolds (complete with expansion sleeves), valves, gauges, disconnect boxes, anchors, cathodic protection and external coating. For stainless steel pipe and fittings CONTRACTOR’s pricing to Schedule “C” shall include all costs associated with nitrogen purging and PMI testing.
  3. Fabricate and install all chemical injection tubing from the chemical injection skids to the production line injection points. All tubing shall be externally coated and hydrostatically tested by the CONTRACTOR.
  4. Fabricate, test and install the tie-in spools required between the wing valve and 6” production header.
  5. Fabricate and install the chemical storage tank stainless steel fill lines, complete with all connections, flanges, valves, couplings and supports. Note – buried portions of pipe shall be externally coated by CONTRACTOR with no additional cost to SAUDI ARAMCO.
  6. Fabricate and install the below grade air ducting, from the air blower motor to the wellhead cellar, complete with cellar pipe supports. Below ground field welds shall be externally coated by CONTRACTOR.
  7. Fabricate and install the corrosion inhibitor and methanol injection system drain’s line where shown on construction drawings.
  8. CONTRACTOR shall perform all NDE testing, including radiography and PMI as part of the applicable unit rates. Additional compensation will not be provided for any NDE testing.


  1. Install, terminate and test the complete power system from the transformer to the well site 480/120 volt distribution panels. WORK shall include the buried cable markers, warning signs, all excavation and back-fill.
  2. Assemble, install, wire, terminate and pre-commission the 480/120 volt distribution panels.
  3. Install and terminate the stranded bare copper wire which connects the well site ground grid to the cathodic protection transformer neutral, along with all ground rods, ground wire and all grounding connections around the well site.
  4. Install and terminate test, and pre-commission the air blower fan, cables, conduits, and switches.
  5. Install, wire, terminate, test and pre-commission all well site lighting and receptacles.
  6. Install, wire, terminate, test and pre-commission the LEL/H2S sensors, LEL/H2S beacon horn and all associated junction boxes.
  7. Install, wire, terminate, functionally test and pre-commission the methanol injection and corrosion inhibitor injection pumps, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  8. CONTRACTOR shall disconnect the existing cathodic protection from the wellhead for constructing the concrete cellar. Install the C.P. cable disconnect box conduits and re­ terminate the cathodic protection cable to the disconnect box and the wellhead.
  9. Wire, terminate and test all well site instrumentation.
  10. Install all conduits, cable glands and fittings associated with the WORK.
  11. CONTRACTOR shall install and test all heat tracing cables, elements and junction boxes. CONTRACTOR shall supply and install insulation on all heat tracing installations.
  12. CONTRACTOR shall test, pre-commission and commission all electrical installations and prepare and provide electrical test and pre-commissioning.
  13. CONTRACTOR shall notify SAUDI ARAMCO whenever the breaker does not meet required specification in scope of work.


  1. CONTRACTOR shall calibrate, install, connect, and test.
  2. Scraper passage indicators, electronic pressure transmitters, pressure control valve, pressure indicating controller, thermo-wells with indicators, flame detector, electrical fusible plugs, gas detector, sand probe, transducers, audible alarm, PLC/RTU installations, remote ESD hand Stations, LEL/H2S sensors, and flashing beacon. CONTRACTOR shall insulate all heat tracing cables.
  3. Chemical injection fittings in the drop out spools.
  4. Pressure indicators.
  5. CONTRACTOR shall test, drain, flush, strain, clean and commission all wellhead hydrostatic lines.
  6. WSD system.
  7. Hydraulic tubing or electrical cable from the WSD control panels to the surface and/or sub-surface safety valve actuators.
  8. Shrink sleeves on all below grade hydraulic tubing.
  9. Instrumentation wiring associated with field devices, pumps, skids, power distribution panel, WSD control panel, and the PLC/RTU.
  10. Supply, fabricate and install plastic tags to identify all instruments, junction boxes, splice boxes, ESD panels, PLC/RTU’s, chemical injection skids, H2S monitor and sensors. CONTRACTOR shall supply and install brass accounting tags with stainless steel self-tapping screws to selected equipment as directed by the Company Representative.
  11. CONTRACTOR shall install car seals on valves as directed by the Company Representative.
  12. CONTRACTOR shall install and functionally test the flow control system components.
  13. CONTRACTOR shall install, test, pre-commission and commission all instrumentation. SAUDI ARAMCO shall not provide any vendor support.
  14. CONTRACTOR shall prepare instrumentation test package and pre-commissioning documentation package for all instrumentation items.
  15. CONTRACTOR shall calibrate and install relief valves and process Relief Valve Authorization Form A-3099A

Hydro static Testing:

  1. Carryout hydrostatic testing in accordance with SAES-A-004, SAES-A-007 and all pressures and instructions indicated on the hydrostatic test diagrams.
  2. Provide all temporary hoses, piping, fittings, scrapers, test pumps, fill pumps, test manifolds of the correct strength required for filling and testing of all piping systems.
  3. Provide and calibrate all test equipment including but not limited to, recorders, dead weight testers, relief valves, pressure gauges, test manifolds.
  4. Isolate, or remove and replace any equipment or instruments not included during hydrostatic testing. CONTRACTOR shall ensure that such equipment or instruments are protected from damage during isolation, removal or replacement and shall replace any damaged instruments or equipment at no cost to Saudi Aramco.
  5. Ensure that a hydrostatic test procedure is submitted to the Company Representative for approval at least 6 weeks prior to any testing. This procedure shall also incorporate adequate safety precautions, pipe cleaning procedures, testing mediums, disposal methods, nitrogen purging.
  6. Provide manpower and equipment for the de-watering and drying of all systems. CONTRACTOR shall provide and pump nitrogen to dry all gas systems. Pipe shall be dried in accordance with SAES-A-004 after the de-watering of each piping system is complete. CONTRACTOR shall ensure all piping systems shall be free of leaks, soap and water tested and laid up with a positive pressure of nitrogen. (CONTRACTOR shall ensure that this positive pressure is maintained until the piping systems have been commissioned.
  7. CONTRACTOR shall perform hydrostatic testing in accordance with SAeS-A-004, SaES-A-007 and all pressures valves as required by Company Representative.
  1. Well Cathodic Protection

CONTRACTOR shall perform the work in accordance with SAUDI ARAMCO standards and procedures to install rectifier, remoter monitoring Unit (RMU) signals, anode bed, pyramid anodes, or vertical anodes, terminal pole, solar power module or transformer and fencing but not limited to the followings.

  1. Drilling, logging and testing of anode bore holes.
  2. Fabrication of CONTRACTOR’S designed gas diversion valves or devices and associated piping, and installation thereof on the drill rigs when drilling anode beds located within 1 km of gas and oil separating plants (GOSPs) and water injection plants (WIPs) or other facilities.
  3. Field assembly and installation of anodes down each bore hole or anode trench.
  4. Installation of coke breeze and cement plugs. (Cement plugs shall be installed at deep well anode beds only).
  5. Fabrication and installation of surface ancillaries and junction box assemblies at each anode bed site.
  6. Installation of direct burial cable between anode lead junction box and transformer /rectifier or solar installation and between well casing or pipeline and transformer/rectifier or solar installation.
  7. Installation of watering system on surface anode beds as required.
  8. Installation of Underground and Overhead AC power distribution system up to 33KV rating.
  9. Installation of pole mounted transformers, fuse cutouts, circuit, breakers, and lightening arresters.
  10. Installation of free standing AC power panels and transformer/rectifier disconnect switches.
  11. Installation of solar power supply system, Installation of solar power supply system, pad mounted transformers and PVC coated rigid conduits.
  12. Erection of type IV fencing and gates.
  13. Pre-commissioning of CP rectifier
  14. Commissioning of Switchgear.


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