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The Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (RCJY) established in 1975 is the Saudi Government Agency, reports to the Prime Minister, entrusted with the task of planning, developing, operating and managing the three world-class industrial cities, Madinat Al-Jubail, Madinat Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah and Ras Al-Khair Industrial Cities. The Royal Commission aims to promote, develop and enable petrochemical, chemical, minerals and their downstream industries through successful customer focus and partnerships with investors, employee communities and stakeholders.
WORK SHOP FOR GCTC (Gulf Corners for Trading & General Contracting Company):
GCTC has achieved another miles stone in order to successful meeting with Royal Commission officials. Meeting was held on 07-Feb-2017. GCTC presented its new technologies for surface treatment & long life of all kind of metals i.e Oil & Gas pipelines, Valves, pumps, plants & rehabilitation of tanks etc.


Company is going to introduce two revolutionary technologies. These technologies are KCC (K-Chromium Carbide) and KNN (Plasma Nano ion nitrification). GCTC will provide repair & maintenance services by using these two revolutionary technologies. In particular, the valve body inner surface treatment by the KCC on maximizing the service life by having a corrosion / abrasion resistance, such as seat & ball. KCC surface treatment developed by GCTC shows surface hardness HV1300 and friction coefficient 0.4. It prevents abrasion caused by composites and reduces corrosion owing to high acid resistance.

1.   KCC:

A process that Chromium Carbide (C-Cr) is chemically formed in the high temperature vacuum device and then in infiltrated into the matrix. Excellence in abrasion resistance with high hardness (> HV 1700), chemical resistance and lubrication with friction coefficient less than 0.5

  • PrincipleDiffusion of metal onto the surface
  • Features-Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Main products-Slurry pump impellers, chute liners, pipes, and metal seat ball valves

2.   KNN:

Using the hollow cathode effect, active nitrogen atoms with high density and low energy are nano-sized, and then deposited, diffused on the surface of treated material.

  • PrincipleFormation of nano nitriding and carburized layers with atomic nitrogen and carbon through low voltage high density plasma generation process.
  • Features-Low temperature treatment, formation of stainless nitriding layers and mirror surfaces without chemical layers
  • Main products-Steam drain control valves, valve steam discs, temp, control valve internals, etc.


No pre/post treatment required

No change in dimensions and shape

High hardness and superior abrasion resistance

No arcing/edge effect, smooth surfaces

Controllable hardening depth

Excellent surface hardening of SUS316

GCTC has the whole region of Saudi Arabia to market its advanced technology based services. GCTC is going to start its operation from Dammam city, eastern province of Saudi Arabia and with the passage of time it will expand its operations up to the whole region of Saudi Arabia.

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